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Budget-friendly Places to Get Married: Venues That Won’t Hurt Your Wallet

Budget-friendly Places to Get Married: Venues That Won’t Hurt Your Wallet

Yes, weddings are one of the most important milestones in any woman’s life. It is the celebration of her union with the one she loves, the start of their new life together. That’s why women like us really prepare a lot for that special day. Well, it’s not everyday that we get to march that lovely wedding aisle, right? We want a dream wedding that we could remember for as long as we live.

However, we also have to think of what lies ahead of us. Sure, we want or weddings to be held in the most beautiful locations. But what if those places to get married are far beyond our means? Or even if we do have the means, is it practical? Will we still have funds left to build a home, buy furnishings and save a little for the future?

My idea of a good wedding is one that won’t cause me to spend countless overtime hours in order to pay the debts that my husband and I have incurred. My idea of the best places to get married is not in hotels, country clubs or exclusive estates. Are you one with me in thinking that budget-friendly locations are the best places to get married? If so, read on. I have compiled a list of the most economical yet beautiful places to get hitched.

The Most Economical Places to Get Married

So where, oh where, can you get married without emptying your bank accounts? No, I’m not going to feature city halls in here. Not that I have something against city halls, but I just don’t see any romance in saying “I Do” in a place which look more like offices than wedding venues.

What I have is a list of the most economical but beautiful places to get married like parks, B&B’s, gardens, etc. with PRICES that your budget-friendly wallet will definitely L-O-V-E! Excited? Well, here they are:

Union Hill Inn

Do you want a rustic setting for your wedding? Then, check out the Union Hill Inn. It has that fresh, country feel that you and your guests will truly adore. Enjoy the many sights it has to offer – from beautiful hardscapes like pavilions, footbridge, gazebo, and barns to breathtaking water features like ponds and pools.

Their wedding packages start at $5,900 for 100 guests to $7,400 for 250 guests which allows you to use it exclusively for 55 hours (Friday at 12 noon- Sunday at 2pm); use of their bridal cottage and grooms coop for Friday and Saturday. You can also use their table linens and dining ware.

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Complimentary breakfast for 25 people (bridal party and some guests) is served on Saturdays at 9am while the Sunday Brunch is at 10:30am.

Tre Bella

Are you from Arizona or anywhere near it? Then, you might want to consider Tre Bella, a really chic diner with all the works – venue for the ceremony, wedding coordinator, buffet style meals, DJ, Chiavari chairs, dining ware, centerpieces, use of bridal and groom suites, open-hosted bar, cake cutting and plating service, custom accent lighting, and the all-important set up and clean up. All these are included in each package that starts at $6,900 for 50 guests to $10,900 for 175 guests. Schedule your wedding on a weekday and you’ll even get 25% off! Well, you’ll have to add $500 for Saturdays or $1,500 for holidays. A real steal, if I may say!

The Thorncrown Worship Center

Do you fancy a wedding in Eureka Springs? If so, this beautiful, beautiful place called Thorncrown Worship Center might just be the one for you. It can accommodate guests from one to three hundred.

I only have two words for Thorncrown – romantically fantastic. Yes, for what can be more romantic than tying the knot in such an awesome place? The trusses, the 50- foot glass, the cascading stairs all contribute to make this location truly unforgettable.

The place can be yours for an hour and a half (half hour before the wedding, one hour for the service and pictorials). Please be conscious of the time because they are very strict on that matter. You can’t arrive before your schedule, and you have to leave right after your designated time. Yes, that’s the price you have to pay for such a beauty. They charge $595 from Sundays through Fridays and $695 on Saturdays. Rates include the use of the chapel and grounds, piano, sound system, cassette and CD players, recorded wedding music, small bathrooms, and an office with a full length mirror. Food and alcoholic beverages are not allowed.

Jane Sandelin Gallery

Do you love art? Then the Jane Sandelin Gallery in Artworks Studios and Galleries, Manchester District, will be glad to serve you and up to two hundred of your guests. For $2500, you get to use the Centre Gallery, tables and chairs for a hundred, kitchen and staging for your caterer, changing rooms, projector, lanterns and the parking lot with a security guard. The good news is – you won’t be rushed because you have the venue all to yourselves. Feel free to browse through their beautiful art collections or chat with old friends all day long.

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Serendipity Gardens

Oak Glenn, California has a beautiful but affordable wedding venue that goes by the name Serendipity Gardens. No need for flowers – the garden bursts with beautiful blooms all year through, thanks to the state’s temperate climate.

For a fee of $13,500 plus 12%, you get a real cool deal for 125 persons. Complete setup of the wedding ceremony (they even have a DJ to play your recorded songs) and reception areas (they use Chiavari chairs, mind you!), round tables for 10, table accessories and centerpieces, setup of head table, the use of their elegant china, dinner ware and glasses, cake and gift tables.

Let your guests enjoy the beautiful music provided by Serendipity’s in-house pianist as they savor their meal comprised of a salad, two main dishes, side dishes, rolls, iced tea, lemonade, coffee, and cake for all your guests. And yes, they’ll do the cleaning up as well.

But wait, there’s more! Serendipity also offers valet parking, golf carts and operators for your guests and even a horse drawn carriage for you.

Edward-Dean Museum

Edward-Dean Museum and Gardens in Cherry Valley is made up of sixteen acres of beautiful and serene landscape dotted with an open-air pavilion, a Koi pond like no other, a breathtaking gazebo and an awesome Cultural Arts Building. You can choose from any of these beauties to tie the knot in. You and your guests will undoubtedly enjoy the venue’s late 16th to early 19th century European & Asian Decorative Arts and the homey ambiance of  an era gone by.

Get married on a Saturday during its non-peak season and you’ll only pay $3,950 which includes the use of the entire venue for the whole day, bride’s room, dance floor in the Kay Building as well as the setting up and tearing down of chairs and tables.

Hidden Creek Lodge

How would you like to tie the knot in a place that is as picturesque as Hidden Creek Lodge? It is the biggest wedding venue at Arrowhead Pine Rose Cabins. Imagine yourself walking down the aisle to a breathtaking gazebo right beside the venue’s pond. Have a night wedding and you’ll surely be awestruck with all the beauty that surrounds you as the lights cast their reflection against the cascading waterfalls.

How much does such a beauty cost? It actually depends on the number of guests you have and the package you choose. But if you’re on a budget, you might as well pick the Designing Package. It is priced at $13, 895* for a Saturday event for a hundred persons. What does it include? Ceremony at their beautiful log gazebo, services of a wedding coordinator, music, gourmet dinner with two entrees, two side dishes and two salads, a custom wedding cake and cutting service, DJ to provide sounds for your dance package (6 hours), and lodging for one whole night for 10 to 18 people.

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Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Center

Wedgewood Wedding and Banquet Center has many locations, but I’d like to feature the one in North West Fresno. You’ll have your ceremony at its beautifully designed courtyard with a waterfall and a raised stage where you can say your “I dos”.

Then, you and your guests will step inside the fabulous Diamond Ballroom where you can enjoy the dance floor as much as your heart desires. Savor up to 6 different appetizers and 4 assorted entrees with wine included. It comes with your choice of either water or tea and coffee as well. They also offer a one hour hosted bar.

And guess what? The fee also includes everything else – invitations, cake, DJ to play your music during the ceremony and reception, floral centerpieces and even hotel accommodation. All for the price of $8,855 for 100 persons. Absolutely amazing!

Tennessee Gardens

Another beautiful but economical venue is the Tennessee Gardens. Step into their paradise of a garden filled with seasonal blooms and a whimsical pond. The outdoor chapel, surrounded with magnolia trees and adorned with a rose archway, can accommodate 200 guests for a fee of $ 500. The reception hall’s fee is $3,600.00 for a hundred persons. It has beautiful chandeliers and a dance floor as well. The fees include the following: a DJ and party coordinator, use of tables & chairs with accessories, dinner ware, iced tea or lemonade, coffee and water, and the owner’s special European wedding cake. You can also opt for a meal plan that starts at $14.50 per person.


This place caught my attention because it has received a lot of praises from couple who tied the knot there. So i visited their website, and honestly speaking, I liked what I saw. And the reviews they are getting – wow! Mostly 5 stars! previous customers say it’s cheap – I can’t really tell you, no matter how much I try, because they are mum about it. you’ll have to visit their website and inquire about the pricing. But from what I gather, it’s such a beautiful and elegant place where any couple would love to exchange their vows.

With these budget-friendly places to get married, you won’t be hurting your pocket and even have enough cash and savings to start your new life together. Practical, isn’t it?

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