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Nothing is more important than your “Big Day” and BrideExperts.com is here to help make your life a little bit easier.  Our team of expert writers provide helpful tips, knowledge, and insight into many wedding related topics.  Our fun loving and creative writers touch on subjects like wedding planning, before the wedding, at the wedding, after the wedding, reception, and honeymoons.

Dive into some of our interesting articles and see why over 4 million people read our site each month!

:: About BrideExperts.com ::

BrideExperts.com is proud to call the city of Pittsburgh our home.  We take great pride in the beauty of our city, as well as the cultural diversity that it has to offer.

Our site proudly boasts over 4 million pageviews each and every month, ranking us among the top wedding websites in the world.

The idea for BrideExperts.com came when our founder (Thomas) was feeling overwhelmed while planning his wedding with his soon to be wife.  Yes, the location of the wedding, bridal dress, and rings are important, but what about all the other details as well?  There were so many loose ends to tie up, and things that you would never even consider without reading some of the insightful articles on this site.

After months of perfect planning, every detail of Thomas’s wedding was set, down to the confetti on the table and bubbles and noise maker the guests would use upon their entrance to the reception.  The night before the wedding was a time to relax for him and his soon to be wife.  They were getting married in Las Vegas, but through a traditional and beautiful ceremony at the Flamingo, followed up by a reception at the Venetian.  Their “wedding-eve” plans were to get his soon to be wife’s nails done, and then meeting up with some friends/guests to have a glass of champagne before going to bed.  Everything was going according to plan.

While his wife-to-be was getting her nails done, Thomas was mentally going through his check list in his mind because he had a terrible feeling that there was something missing.  Then it hit him!  They did not have a flower bouquet.  It was already 8pm, and the wedding was mere hours away.  In a panic, Thomas called their photographer and asked for some recommendations, but he could only offer a small bouquet of roses, which the bride did not want.

Fortunately, Thomas happened to catch a florist before they closed up for the night.  They spoke on the phone and they agreed to wait until they arrived.  When his bride-to-be finished her nails, they hopped in the Uber, and drove to the location.

The drive seemed to take forever, and then they pulled up to an apartment complex.  Thomas was trying to figure out where they were and why this was not a flower shop in a shopping complex.  As it turned out, Thomas neglected to put “W” or “E” (West or East) for the address, so it defaulted to one of them, of course it was the wrong one.  They were a good 20-25 minutes from the flower shop now, after being so close before.

They arrived just as the shop owner was leaving.  As luck would have it, the shop owner had EXACTLY the flowers the bride-to-be wanted, and promised delivery of them first thing in the morning.

The following morning, the flowers arrived exactly as planned when they were leaving to head to the wedding.  It was a perfect storm that somehow came together.

After this lapse of judgement when trying to plan this out of town wedding, Thomas vowed to help others, and thus, BrideExperts.com was born.

:: Our Writing Team ::

Jennifer Smith

My name is Jennifer and I am a freelance writer from Chicago. My passion for writing is stronger than my love of tacos, which is really saying a lot. I am newly married to my amazing husband and our two beautiful dogs Lilly and Simon. I love to try new restaurants with my husband and our friends, but life has made that a little challenging lately.

Laura Martin

My name is Laura and I am a proud journalism graduate of Northwestern University. I love to research pretty much any topic, and I especially enjoy writing about my passions. Current events, lifestyle, fashion, health, and beauty are just a few of the things I enjoy. My articles have appeared in a number of print magazines, as well as various online publications.

Sarah Adams

Hello from Los Angeles! My name is Sarah Adams and I love to blog. I am a bit of a social media nut that is never behind on the current trends. Staying in touch with people and trends helps to keep me sharp, and my writing even sharper.

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