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Will I Ever Get Married? How to Know If You’re Both the Marrying Type

Will I Ever Get Married? How to Know If You’re Both the Marrying Type

Yes, each of us has had a relationship that we thought was the “real thing”. Sparks flew when we were beside the one we loved; we just couldn’t stand a day without talking to each other either personally or at the phone; and we even had the chance to meet our ex’s loved ones.

But then, something went wrong, the relationship went sour until it ended. Yeah, it sucks, especially when we thought that HE was really the one. Then, in one of our quiet moments, we ask ourselves, “Will I ever get married?”

Sure, you go out on dates, but how will you know? Are you really fit for marriage? Are you the marrying type? Is he the marrying type? Below are some tips that may help you assess if you will tie the knot with someone in the future.

Will I Ever Get Married: Things that Can Tell if You Are the Marrying Type

1. You fall in love with the romantic movie’s lead male character. Yes, and  each time he looks at his female counterpart, you silently wish that it was you he was looking at.

2. You love to upgrade the look of your home. You simply like to experiment with the different colors and textures that would make your home beautiful. You even scour the web for the latest trends in home design.

3. You love to cook. Maybe you’re a proponent of the saying “The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” or something. Or maybe you simply love to eat. Or maybe you just love to feed people.

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4. You love kids. That’s why you have a job that centers on these cute little beings. A school teacher, a nanny, a preschool instructor or a pediatrician. You go crazy over those cute baby pictures on Facebook; ask a friend to bring her baby over a cup of tea so that she can have her “me time” as you babysit her angel or simply enjoy the company of your nieces, nephews or small cousins.

5. You love to read romance novels. Yes, you do. In fact, you even have a collection right in your own bedroom. You read them each night, hoping that someday, your prince will come.

6. You love to nurse people. It doesn’t matter if they are suffering from physical, emotional or mental pain – you just have it in you. You want to take care of them and take great pride in nursing them back to health.

7. You’ve practiced the wedding march again and again. In your mind, that is. You have done this over and over with different love songs that you hear from the radio. You have imagined walking down the aisle to meet the man of your dreams and together, you head to the altar.

8. You pay attention to your looks. Well, it’s a known fact that men love visuals. That’s why you pay special attention to how you fix yourself especially when you know that you’ll be out on a date.

9. You’re happy to know that a friend is getting married.  Yes, you’re glad to know that she has finally found the man she has been searching for. Oh, okay, there’s a tinge of envy too. There’s that little voice that asks you, “Will I ever get married?” each time your bride-to-be friend tells you of how her man makes her feel special and how she melts each time he looks at her.

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10. You love wedding gowns. Yeah, they look so gorgeous, don’t they? Especially the designer gowns that look absolutely FANTASTIC. Again, you silently wish that you’ll get to wear one.

Granted that you have all the traits listed above, the question is…. is the man you’re dating the marrying type? Here’s what you should look for:

1. He doesn’t cringe at the mention of marriage. Yes, the man who’s not afraid of the word “marriage” is likely to tie the knot. He even shares your dreams – lovely kids, nice and comfortable home, etc. He even goes out of his way to escort you to a friend’s or relative’s wedding.

2. He loves you more than his friends. Men love to do things together – they love to watch baseball together, play billiards together, snorkel together – so where does that leave you if your man spends more time with them? The marrying type of man still meets his friends and probably enjoys a few nights out with them, but generally, he’s always there for you. And in times of dire need, he’ll put your interests first before his friends.

3. He doesn’t try to change your looks. Sure, he does get amazed at how beautiful you are when you’re all dolled up for a formal occasion, but he loves you even when you’re just wearing your cleaning up clothes.

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4. He doesn’t compare you to his ex. Yes, he does mention his ex-girlfriend or ex-wife in passing or when you ask him about her, but he never ever tells you how intelligent she is or how good her coffee tastes like.

5. He doesn’t think that he is God’s gift to women. And he doesn’t have an ego as big as he is. The marrying type of man even thanks you for making changes in his life.

6. He knows what he wants in life. This is usually the man who has earned a college degree or is working his way towards getting one because he knows that a good education will give him better chances at finding a worthwhile career. He is willing to miss nights out with friends if he knows that it will affect his career. Such a responsible individual, don’t you think?

7. He’s not afraid to meet your family. Some men will introduce you to their families, but only the one who has the intention of tying the knot with you will be brave enough to face your tough-looking father and five brothers.

Consider these tips whenever you feel like asking “Will I ever get married” and who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next bride, not the next bridesmaid who’s willing to try her luck on catching that elusive bridal bouquet. Good luck!

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