The Ultimate Maid of Honor Checklist -

The Ultimate Maid of Honor Checklist

The Ultimate Maid of Honor Checklist

The Ultimate Maid of Honor Checklist

The Maid of Honor (MOH) is typically the closest friend or family of the bride. This person is responsible for a whole list of tasks to ensure that the bride is taken care of and things are running smoothly. Typically, the MOH plans the bachelorette party, bridal shower, helps wrangle the other bridesmaids, and may even support the day of coordinator with different tasks on the actual big day. Their role is absolutely vital and goes beyond a fun title. To help your maid of honor along we created the ultimate maid of honor checklist!

Before the Wedding

The Ultimate Maid of Honor Checklist

Your duties start long before ‘I Do’ and likely began before you were even asked to be the maid of honor. In the months leading up to the big day here are some things your bride might expect from you.

Be Supportive

Stress, Joy, and a whole other host of emotions are likely running high and will continue to run high throughout the planning process so try and be supportive of your bride. Don’t be so supportive that you’re suffocating the bride but offer enough that they feel seen and heard. You likely know the bride better than anyone so you will know if she will tell you what she needs or if you will have to check in 8 or 9 times to get a response. Be patient and provide help that is actually helpful.

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Go Wedding Dress Shopping

This is easily the most fun part! Your bride trusts you to help her say yes to the dress! You can do this by being supportive (refer above) and honest. While you likely won’t have to help her in and out of the dress make sure her voice is being heard and the group as well as the bridal consultant is listening to her feedback on each dress and getting her one step closer to “that feeling”.

Plan the Bachelorette Party

There ain’t no party like a bachelorette party and that’s because the maid of honor plans it. Make sure you plan something the bride will love while there is often a place for the “nitty-gritty” at every bachelorette consider if that’s really the style of party your bride would really enjoy! Try to also keep everyone’s budget in mind since the plan is not to have the bride pay for her own celebration.

Day of the Wedding

The Ultimate Maid of Honor Checklist

Your duties don’t end until the day AFTER the wedding so let’s walk through your wedding day tasks as well!

Make Sure All Items Make it to Reception Venue

Realistically, the bride doesn’t have a whole lot of extra time to make sure that the decorations, registry book, candles, seating charts, etc. made it over to the venue before the wedding so it could be set up during. That my friend is your job! Your bride is likely a ball of nerves and excitement making sure that things are under control while she prepares for a magical day is important

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Make Sure the Bride Eats and Drinks

Throughout the day make sure the bride is drinking water and eating snacks from time to time. It’s also important that you keep the bride from getting an upset stomach. So ensuring she doesn’t drink too much coffee or down too many mimosas, she won’t be happy walking down the aisle feeling nauseous so help a friend out!

Help her Get Dressed

You and the mother of the bride will likely tag team this process of getting the bride ready. Be mindful and careful as this is likely the most expensive article of clothing the bride owns, and you don’t want to ruin it right before the ceremony (no pressure). Make sure to take special care and lay everything out in advance. This is perfect for the photographer to get some great images while everyone else is in hair and make-up as well.

Help in the Bathroom

Starting wedding prep at 6a and not leaving the reception until 11p is a long time to not go to the restroom. Make sure your bride knows where to find you so she has your help when trying to get in and out of the bathroom!

Round up People for Wedding Photos

Lastly, it’s important to make sure everyone that is supposed to be in the wedding photos sticks around. There will be lots of photos of the reception and dancing and having a good time but take a few minutes as guests are clearing out to make sure no one is missing.

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