Wedding Flowers 101 -

Wedding Flowers 101

Wedding Flowers 101

Wedding Flowers 101

When choosing the flowers for your big day, there are always many things to keep in mind. What’s the budget? Is there a color scheme? Favorite flowers to incorporate? How about allergies? Are the ones you want in season? And that’s just the basics. Here are some tips for ensuring that you get what you want for your wedding.

Wedding Flower Tips

Be realistic with budget: If you know that you only have $1,000 to spend on flowers, make sure you do your research and figure out what you can get for that. Knowing the seasonal flower options will help as well, because if they are grown locally, costs tend to be lower. It’s impossible to expect 5 bouquets, 15 centerpieces and 10 corsages in a budget of $1,000, so make sure you prioritize what is most important, and ensure you don’t set yourself up for disappointment.

Seasonal choices: Tulips are almost impossible to come by in July, while red roses are marked up significantly around Valentine’s Day. Sunflowers are basically non-existent in December, and weather changes can always effect growth periods. Knowing these things will help you ensure that you are not getting your hopes up, and that you aren’t sending your florist on a worldwide hunt for a particular bloom.

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Color Palette: Be realistic when it comes to available colors and flowers. For example, if you are looking for black flowers, know that it’s almost impossible to find and will take time and money to order. Don’t set your heart on an exact shade of pink, or an exact type of rose; sometimes growth periods can change and affect availability. If you intend to match your entire wedding to a specific purple flower, make sure you know 100% that you can get your hands on them.

My final tip is not to try and DIY. There are so many fantastic DIY options for your big day; flowers aren’t one of them. They need attention, space and knowledge and it would be heartbreaking to go flower-less on your big day because something went wrong. There are so many amazing designers that can work with you to find what suits your style and budget.

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