Pros & Cons of Hosting a Wedding Weekend -

Pros & Cons of Hosting a Wedding Weekend

Pros & Cons of Hosting a Wedding Weekend

Pros & Cons of Hosting a Wedding Weekend

When looking at venues you may be considering the option to host an entire weekend to celebrate your big day. Whether that be a weekend wedding on an island destination or even simply hosting your family and friends at your closest winery & resort. Before deciding to host a wedding weekend be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into! Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of wedding weekends!


Pros & Cons of Hosting a Wedding Weekend

1.) More Time with Friends & Family:

One of the biggest pros of planning and hosting a weeding weekend is the opportunity to spend extra time with your closest family and friends. Though planning a wedding takes 12-16 months couples often say that they day itself goes by so fast. Extending the party ensures that the year of planning is truly felt and enjoyed. This is even a great idea for those who have been away from family for the last couple of years due to the pandemic and social distancing.

2.) Immersive Guest Experience

Since you are the one hosting this weekend experience you can truly tailor it to your needs. Whether that be starting with a rehearsal brunch on Friday morning and then having a cocktail party in the evening once other guests arrive. The opportunities for customization are virtually endless and you can even schedule in lots of free time to give your guests the opportunity to enjoy the weekend as their own vacation as well.

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3.) Guests DON’T Plan A Thing

A big pro is that guests don’t have to worry about anything but showing up. You’ve done all of the leg work whether it was renting a boat or getting everyone registered and signed up for zip lining your guests get to come to your wedding to celebrate you and experience new and genuinely fun things!

4.) Share A Couples Experience

At the end of the day your wedding is about you and your partner so it makes sense to use hosting a wedding weekend as an opportunity to expose your family and friends to the things you and your partner genuinely enjoy together. Whether you all love fishing and so an excursion is planned out on the water or if you met at a winery you might consider hosting your wedding weekend at a winery and doing a few tours and tastings.


Pros & Cons of Hosting a Wedding Weekend

1.) A Bit Pricey

More often than not a three-day celebration is going to cost a bit more than a single day. If you decide to. If you decide not to host the wedding weekend in a large Air BNB or you will likely have to find multiple locations and be prepared to cover the food and drinks at all of those places. One way to help decrease the cost is to decrease the guest list. Not only will cutting the guest lists save coin it’ll make this a more intimate affair.

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2.) A Lot of No’s

Truthfully you likely won’t have to condense the guest list very much if you choose to host a wedding weekend as it’s likely that the guest list will shorten itself. Not everyone can dedicate themselves to an entire weekend away because of work and other priorities. Your guest list will shrink even further if you plan a weekend long destination wedding where guests will have to catch a plane to even make it to the weekend wedding.

3.) Lots of Planning

Planning for one wedding day is difficult and ensuring that things like events, hotel blocks, food and drink, etc for the entire weekend that you’ve invited guests to celebrate you. It had a significant amount of stress to the logistics of the weekend as a whole. Though the payoff could be huge be sure to consider if that outweighs the work it will take to get there.

4.) No Alone Time

Might be a bit difficult to get some downtown with your partner before and after the ceremony. The key part of this article is that you are HOSTING the wedding weekend. Make sure your guests won’t get suspicious if the couple of the hour goes.. well missing for a few hours. Even if you schedule downtime for everyone to go explore on their own it is likely your guests are still going to ask to spend time with you so during their downtime be sure to schedule something just for you and your partner. Can anyone say couples massage

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Hopefully, this article helped you consider the pros and con of hosting a wedding weekend. At the end of the day the most important part of the wedding is you and your partner so make sure whatever you choose feels like the right way for you both to celebrate your union.

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