Away We Go! Incorporating Balloons Into Your Big Day -

Away We Go! Incorporating Balloons Into Your Big Day

Wedding Balloons

With summer finally upon us, my brain automatically jumped to whimsical and fun wedding ideas.  One of my very favorite ideas is using balloons in wedding décor. They can be incorporated in a variety of ways, and are very cost effective. Helium filled balloons are super versatile, and can even be transitioned from the ceremony to the reception. They also set a really enjoyable and light atmosphere for your celebration. Guests of all ages will enjoy the touches of quirkiness they add. Here is a list of some great ways to integrate balloons into your wedding!

Ceremony Backdrops

Ceremony Backdrops

There are hundreds of options for using balloons as a ceremony backdrop, from archways to giant hearts and more. By simply cutting different lengths of ribbon, you can alter the look of the balloons. Just picture a giant, floating archway hovering over you as you and your partner say I do! How about a wall of balloons behind you while your loved ones look on? Cut clear fishing wire to a variety of heights and tape the bottoms to the floor; you can instantly transform plain balloons into a full wall of whimsy! The best part about this is that the backdrop can easily be shifted to a photo booth setting! It’s amazing to think what some string, tape and balloons can do for your décor; there are most definitely hundreds of classy and fun ways to use these tools for a fun ceremony background.

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Ceiling Décor

Wedding Balloon Ideas - Ceiling

Remember when you were a kid and it was the worst thing ever when your balloon floated up to the ceiling? Well, for this treatment, you want to let that balloon go. That one and a few hundred more! One of the most popular trends in weddings over the past few years has been the ceiling treatment of hundreds of floating balloons on the ceiling. Try it with or without string. Both variations will give completely different impressions of your reception space. Another way to try this is to have the balloons float upside down. By putting a marble in the balloon before it gets inflated, it will still float but will become top heavy and float in the opposite direction! Another option to consider, is stringing the balloons together and having them drape from the ceiling.

This is a great option because it eliminates helium all together, and makes it easier to take down afterwards. All you need is some thin fishing wire, a sewing needle and inflated balloons. String balloons together by the tail and you’re set to go. No matter what you choose, balloons make a great ceiling treatment for many styles of wedding.

A Few Others

Cool Wedding Balloon Ideas

If you are having an outdoor wedding, you can tie golf tees to the strings and stick the tees into the ground for a great aisle treatment. This trick can be used for anything really; ceremony backdrops, tent decorations, and more. The popularity of 36” round balloons is skyrocketing, and they make a fantastic décor option too. They are a great addition to your wedding pictures, or even as centerpieces! They give great height to any room, and are such a fun element to incorporate.

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Whichever way you do it, I think balloons are an amazing, budget friendly element to your wedding. With a multitude of colors, styles and sizes, it is not hard to find a type of balloon treatment that will work well in any type of wedding. From elegant ballrooms to vintage parks, balloons make a great addition for every couple and every budget!

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