The Most Beautiful Wedding Chapels in the USA -

The Most Beautiful Wedding Chapels in the USA

The Most Beautiful Wedding Chapels in the USA

The Most Beautiful Wedding Chapels in the USA

Getting married? Then, you must be as confused as all brides and grooms as to where your wedding should take place, what with so many options in the market today. There are golf clubs, hotels, beaches, vineyards, formal gardens, community halls, even water view wedding venues that look spectacular inside and out. But if you are among the engaged couples who still prefer solemnity over hype on their special day, then, tying the knot in wedding chapels might be your best bet.

Why Marry in Wedding Chapels?

Well, why not? Wedding chapels offer the peace and tranquility that no other venue can provide. These places present fewer distractions to the guests so they can focus more on the ceremony and not on the breathtaking views of a garden or a resort. Besides, there’s nothing like marching down the aisle of a wedding chapel – it’s like being the star of all those romantic Hollywood movies. And because wedding chapels have enclosed spaces, you can expect great acoustics, too. Not to mention that you don’t have to fix your hair every now and then as you would in a garden wedding during a windy day.

But before you hurry off and make reservations to the nearest wedding chapel in your area, it’s best to know the itty-bitty details of what you’re getting into, right? Below is a list of things that you should be check out in wedding chapels.

What You Should Look for in Wedding Chapels

Their website

Sure, you can always look around for wedding chapels by foot or by car, but that would be a complete time-waster. Check out their sites, look at the pictures of officiants, previous weddings, surrounding areas, etc. If you like what you see, set an appointment and ask for a tour.

The pricing and payment methods

Is a wedding chapel too cheap or will it cost you an arm and a leg? A very cheap wedding chapel means either of these two things: they are just starting out or they’re offering it low because they’ve already lost a third of their costumers due to unpleasant services. On the other hand, a very expensive chapel may give you all the works, but an empty pocket. Settle for one that goes halfway. And do ask about their payment methods. Do they accept cash, checks, credit or debit cards? That would mean a world of a difference for your wedding.

The seating area

How many people did they say can be seated in the area? Don’t just rely on words – look for proof. Ask how many seats they actually have. Check them and ensure their comfort. You wouldn’t want your guests to suffer from back and neck pains, would you?


Are the wedding chapels you’re considering decorated lavishly or do they look as if they’ve just been painted for the sake of having colored walls? Remember that this is the place where you and your loved one will exchange vows and as such, will be captured in your wedding photos. Do you really want your kids to see a dull and drab chapel or a beautiful one?

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Prompt replies

You’ve sent them an email about your inquiries. Did you receive an immediate response? If not, go search for other wedding chapels. Chances are, they’re either too busy to attend to you or they’ve gone out of business.


You do check out the product reviews of items you buy online to ensure that you’ll be getting the best, right? Then, you should also read the reviews of your chosen wedding chapels.  That will give you an idea as to how satisfied or dissatisfied previous customers are.

The Most Beautiful Wedding Chapels in America

There are many beautiful wedding chapels in the land of milk of honey. We’re featuring some of the most beautiful which we’d like to share with you. Here they are:

Cupid’s Chapel of Love

Does this chapel ring a bell? Well, it certainly would as it is Tennessee’s most photographed wedding chapel, what with 20,000 successful weddings to its name. This lovely chapel is situated in the heart of the Smoky Mountains. You have the option to say your “I dos” in front of its man-made waterfall or inside the chapel’s sanctuary. They have a bridal dressing room, Gazebo, waterfall area with bridal bridge, stained glass windows and padded pews that can seat up to 40. Go check them out at 706 East Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN.

Tlaquepaque Wedding Chapel

Another beautiful wedding chapel is the one located in Tlaquepaque . It was originally built by Abe Miller for meditation which explains the lavishly decorated interiors:  the stained glass windows, whitewashed adobe walls, hand-crafted wooden and leather pews, beautiful tiled floor and a spectacular hand painted mural over the altar. Only 45 people are allowed, though, 30 can sit in the pews while the others can be provided with additional seats at the back. Rental fee is $450 (1-1/2 hours) with an additional $50 for an excess of 30 minutes.

Oh, and please be reminded that weddings only start at 5 pm, with each reservation lasting for only an hour and a half. You’ll have to provide your own candles, flowers, decorations, etc.

Mountain Valley Wedding Chapel

Exchange your vows in the beautiful Mountain Valley Wedding Chapel and you’ll have an experience you’ll never forget. Who can ever fail to remember a wedding in a candlelit chapel amid the awesome Smoky Mountains, anyway? They have all the works needed for any wedding – minister, wedding planner, professional photographer and videographer. Visit them at 2740 Florence Drive, Pigeon Forge, TN.

Wedding Chapel in the Glades

The Great Smoky Mountain never seems to run out of beautiful venues for tying the knot. Another awe-inspiring, romantically imbued place is the Wedding Chapel in the Glades. It has a rustic log interior, Gothic windows, rich carpeting, hardwood floors, candlelight and stained glass highlights. You’ll love its calm and serene atmosphere that only a proximity to nature can provide. The chapel itself can seat up to 45 persons.

Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel

I don’t know why, but I always have goosebumps whenever I see this place. Not the goosebumps that you get from watching horror movies, though. I just can’t help but be amazed with its beauty and tranquility – a perfect spot to exchange solemn vows.

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This magnificent structure is sits proudly on a woody hilltop that overlooks Lake Norwood. The wedding fee is at $600 for an hour and a half. This includes another hour for your rehearsal time, candelabras with candles, electric piano, grand piano. Guest book stand and sound system. The chapel can seat 120 people comfortably. Smoking, food and alcoholic beverages inside the chapel.

Graceland Wedding Chapel

Of course, when it comes to weddings, will Vegas be left behind? After all, it’s the home of the ever-famous Graceland Chapel, where the now traditional Elvis wedding was born. It all starts with a limo ride for you from your hotel to the chapel. Then, let the King of Rock N’ Roll escort you down the aisle and even sing three lovely songs on your wedding day. Visit them at 619 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, Nevada.

Floating Chapel in Sarasota

But what if you want a beach wedding yet still want the solemnity of a chapel? No worries! You can tie the knot at the Floating Chapel in Sarasota, the first of its kind in the United States. It has room enough for 100 guests.

Wedding packages start at $995 depending on the day (weekdays or weekends), cruising time and number of guests. This includes the services of a wedding coordinator, recorded music, silk bouquet and corsage for the bride and groom plus a one-hour rehearsal the week before the wedding. Not to mention that you’ll have a fully-attired captain to sanction your vows.

You can visit them at 4110 127th Street West, Cortez. From I-75 take Exit 217 westbound on Hwy. 70 (53rd Avenue East), right on Hwy. 41 North, left on Hwy. 684 (Cortez Road) West, right on 127th Street West to Seafood Shack.

Angels Among Us Wedding Chapel

How about riding an old-fashioned, horse-drawn carriage to your wedding? Terribly romantic, isn’t it? That’s included in one of the wedding packages of Angels Among Us Wedding Chapel. It’s located in 217 North Main Street, Eureka Springs. They have seats for a hundred persons and you can also hold your reception there. Packages include music, minister, candelabra, photographer, cake, toasting beverage and the unique carriage ride, of course. No smoking, please.

The Hostess House

This place is another beauty. If I could get married over and over again, I’d like to have one of my weddings here. Well, who wouldn’t fall in love with such a lovely place, anyways? It doesn’t use electric lights, mind you, just candles for lighting. And it can seat up to 200 guests all at once.

Dubbed as “The Place” to wed and dine by no less than Modern Bride Magazine, The Hostess House has an awesome garden setting with a waterfall that you can view as much as you wish through its glass back wall.

It boasts of a huge dance floor made from oak, an indoor fountain, fireplace and all the amenities of a large residential estate. You can visit them at 10017 NE 6th Ave Vancouver WA.

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Little Bell Wedding Chapel

Do you love the countryside? If you do, then Little Bell might just be the best place for you to wed. It has hardwood floors and the pews are made of wood, too. Floral arrangements are not a problem, as it can be adorned with the season’s blooms.

It can accommodate up to a hundred guests, has dressing rooms and allows you to bring your own music. Wedding packages include complimentary flowers and photos. And yes, you can exchange your vows amid the faint glow of candlelight. You can check it out at Hwy 65-62-412, Bellefonte, Arkansas .

Weddings R Us Ohio Wedding Chapel

Want to get married in Vegas? When you’re in the Buckeye State, look no further, because you have the Ohio Wedding Chapel right within your midst. This lovely place can give you the Vegas-style wedding you have been dreaming of. Located at 2511 McCutcheon Rd, Columbus, it boasts of a Garden Pavilion second to none. It has a 500 sq feet traditional formal chapel with two beautiful stained glass windows, huge candelabras and soft lighting. They have wedding specials that have prices ranging from $620 to $1,095 depending on the number of your guests. Each package also offers wedding accessories and albums.

Chapel in the Hills

This place is absolutely awesome. It may not be the real Borgund Stave Church in Norway, but it sure is one brilliant copy. This chapel has beautiful, well-detailed carvings and Christian symbols. It has a seating area for 70 persons, two organs which can be used by your own organist or their own (for an extra fee of $40), and a wedding fee of $200 for weekdays and $250 on weekends. And since this beauty doesn’t have a heater or air conditioner, please advise your guests to wear clothes that are suitable for the season. A small price to pay for such a wonderful location.

Tybee Wedding Chapel

Just looking at this place makes me speechless. There’s just so much beauty everywhere you lay your eyes on. Outside, you’ll witness dolphins jumping and seabirds flapping their wings out, as if they’d like to outdo each other.

The chapel’s exterior is a sight to behold, with two elegant staircases on either side. Inside, you’ll have to resist the urge to pinch yourself from thinking that everything’s just a dream. It can seat 180 guests, has a baby grand piano, great lighting fixtures, full sound system, bridal suite and groom’s parlor. Well, they won’t be awarded as Best of Weddings 2013 & 2012 by The Knot and Brides Choice 2013 & 2012 on Wedding Wire for nothing, right?

Whether you’d like to get married in a quaint little chapel in the woods or a stately one in a beautiful island, what matters is the very reason for tying the knot -to have and to hold, from that day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part.

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