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7 Important Reminders for Every Wedding Guest to Have

Wedding Guest Reminders

Wedding Guest Reminders

Let’s face it, no one needs to know the level of detail that you know for your wedding, except maybe the maid of honor, but there are few details that you should pass on to your guests. Beyond the basics, of when, where, and for how long here are a few other details to be sure to pass along to confirmed guests. This can be information you put on an insert in your wedding invitations, on the wedding website or as a follow-up for last calls on RSVPs. No matter when you share it here are 7 important reminders for every guest to have.

Wedding Guest Reminders

1.) Dress Code

Wedding Guest Reminders

Now personally, when I was growing up I was always told the weddings at 6pm were considered evening formal weddings and it meant that you should plan to dress to the nines. Now a days that’s not necessarily the case. Couples are having late weddings with the expectation that guests dress in sun dresses and strappy sandals, so be 100% certain that you give a clean and clear description of the dress code and offer to answer your guests’ questions if they have any. Just remember there is a way to deliver everything and if you ask nicely and provide a little direction your guests will be happy to comply!

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2.) Shoes Matter

Do your best to consider the type of terrain guests will have to walk through from the parking lot to the venue. I went to a wedding last year and had to walk on square stones in wet grass and I fell not one, not twice, but THREE separate times before I walked across the 12 pavers placed in the grass. It was so bad that another guest’s husband ran back to help me get across them. Had I known what the trek from my car was going to be like I wouldn’t have worn my favorite stilettos. Give your guests a little heads up if there will be gravel, grace, sand, etc.

3.) Share out the Wedding Hashtag

Wedding Guest Reminders

Becoming increasingly popular in the last few years is incorporating a cute or clever hashtag to all of your wedding planning photos. Be sure to share this hashtag out with your guests to they can post all of their photos and keep up with the festivities by searching the wedding hashtag on social media. It’s sort of like creating a group collaborated photo album.

4.) Notify Certain Guests of Toasts and Readings

Wedding Guest Reminders

There is nothing more awkward then well… awkward silence or someone being put on the spot and saying something rather embarrassing. While this can’t be totally avoidable it can be limited if you do your best to reach out and invite certain guests to give a toast or reading beforehand. This way those who are going to speak are prepared. It’s also a great opportunity to honor and show your appreciation for those important people in your life.

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5.) Give the Room Block Details

This is important to share early on, even more so if you are anticipating a large number of out-of-town guests. Often couples will set up “room blocks” at a few local hotels and at different price points to make sure that their guests stay in the area with the best access to the venue they often come with a discount. Ensure that your guests receive this information early on with the wedding invitation.

6.) Thank you for the Gift

Wedding Guest Reminders

While it is more traditional to send thank you cards at the conclusion of your wedding to all guests that attended and those who sent a gift do your best to send a quick text to those who you have received a gift from so they are aware that you have gotten it and are looking forward to open things when you get back from your honeymoon. Since it is not customary to bring wedding gifts to the ceremony or reception it’s important to communicate about the arrival of gifts promptly.

7.) Give them A List of Locations

This is especially important for those brides who are looking to have a weekend wedding, destination wedding, or are anticipating a lot of out-of-towns guests. ON your wedding website or a week before your ceremony send out a list of local restaurants, and landmarks that your guests can travel to in the event they extend their trip for a few days before and/or after your wedding. This ensures that not only are your guests well taken care of in a city they are unfamiliar in but you will be able to limit the number of texts you get asking for recommendations.

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Wedding Guest Reminders

Communication is key so while these are only 5 things you should definitely share there are plenty of details to keeps your guests in the loop on.

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