Personalized Wine Glasses - A Unique Idea -

Personalized Wine Glasses – A Unique Idea

Personalized Wine Glasses - A Unique Idea

Everyone wants their wedding to be special and it’s no secret that people like to outdo one another on these big occasions. Many wedding planners are given entire lists of things to arrange based only on what the bride and groom have seen when attending other peoples weddings, it’s almost like mice wedding features these days can go viral. Personalized wine glasses are a fairly new addition to weddings when compared to the traditional old, new, borrowed and blue artefacts that have had their place in the ceremony for longer than most can remember, however, perhaps because of the low price or the desire to provide guests with a personal touch they are now commonplace at more weddings than they are not.

A personalized wine glass will usually either be:

  • Personalized for the guest with their name
  • Personalized to the event with the name of the couple getting married

Both options are popular although the latter means less effort, time and cost are required to completed the personalization. Where guest focused personalization is to be used it can also double up as a seating marker and help with a table planning.

The process of personalizing a wine glass is simple and can be done in numerous ways depending on the budget, in its simplest sense a personalized wine could be a simple glass with a rope name tag attached:

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This allows for a ceremony to be carried out on rented tableware and the glasses, provided they have not been smashed, can then be returned at the end and the tags removed to keep the cost down. Some guest even prefer this as it allows them a simple keepsake of the event.

Where the customization is to actually feature on the glass rather than some kind of tag the low end option is to screenprint, this is a process where a glass is printed on. The main advantages that this has over engraving is that it is possible to use a selection of colors and it is also not as expensive as engraving/sandblasting.

A more prestigious and expensive method of personalization is to actually have the glass engraved, this is not just popular at weddings but also for birthdays and other large scale events. The custom engraving can be done on any type of glass and details can be as intricate or as challenging as you would like to make it, you can even customize decanters or almost any other feature made of glass.

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