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15 Things To Do The Week Of Your Wedding

15 Things To Do The Week Of Your Wedding

15 Things To Do The Week Of Your Wedding

The final countdown has officially begun, and you are just 7 days out from “I Do”! You’ve likely spent MONTHS planning this special day and you might be thinking all that’s left is to well, you know… show up! We are here to tell you that unfortunately, that’s not the case. There are a few more things to knock out before you hit the aisle. So here are 15 things to do the week of you wedding!

The Week Of Your Wedding

1.) Pull The look Together

15 Things To Do The Week Of Your Wedding

First things first, make sure your dress, shoes, jewelry all look okay! Most brides pick up their dress a week before the wedding but don’t just stop there try everything on and practice walking down the aisle so you can make sure you are comfortable!

2.) Get the Rings Cleaned

15 Things To Do The Week Of Your Wedding

Be sure to take your rings and your partners rings to your jeweler to get them cleaned for the big day. Since your photographer is likely going to take lots of photos with your rings it might eb beneficial to ask them if they have any tips for keeping the bands smudge free and photo ready!

3.) Wear Those Shoes In

15 Things To Do The Week Of Your Wedding

I’m convinced that unless you are a Kardashian wearing heels for an extended period can be tiring. So, take some time this week to break in your new shoes and practice walking around in them.  Just be careful not to break them in so much that your feet are hurting the day of the wedding.

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4.) Solidify the Day Of Coordinator

15 Things To Do The Week Of Your Wedding

We’ve talked about how important it is to have a point of contact for the wedding. Whether that person is your wedding planner or a family friend, ensuring that there is someone that can get your tips and pay to the vendors, oversee the transportation of gifts, and cleanup at the end of the night is important. You shouldn’t be at your wedding trying to handle these things, so make sure there is someone else to do them on your behalf!

5.) Check Your Marriage License

There is little purpose in having a wedding if your marriage is not legal. Make sure your marriage license is complete and give your Day of Coordinator specific instructions to get it signed the day-of!

6.) Contact the Hotel and Ask for an Upgrade

Call your honeymoon hotel and ask if they have a last-minute upgrade at a discounted or free rate! A lot of times if you mention that you are there on your honeymoon, they are willing to work with you!

7.) Package up Wedding Party Gifts

15 Things To Do The Week Of Your Wedding

Make sure the gifts for the wedding party is all set. Whether they be the gifts for your bridesmaids or the gift you picked out for your partner getting this smaller task done is an easy check off of the to-do list.

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8.) Check On the Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

Check on your peeps! While managing adults can be hard making sure you’ve asked everyone to try on their outfits for the day, you’ve answered any last-minute questions, and everyone knows where they should be and when is super helpful in the long run!

9.) Practice Your Vows

Practice your vows! You don’t have to memorize them but making sure that they sound good and that you remember enough that you can make it through them while being filled with lots of emotions and in front of a crowd is important. Practice your vows in front of the mirror and at least one trusted friend.

10.) Mani/Pedi!

This could be a fun event you do with your mom and mother-in law or even your bridal party to get ready for the big day. Don’t wait until the absolute last minute but get them done a day or two before the ceremony so they are as fresh as possible!

11.) Spend Quality Time with Your Partner

This should pretty much speak for itself…

12.) Pack for the Honeymoon

15 Things To Do The Week Of Your Wedding

One week before the wedding it’s important to confirm your travel/honeymoon plans, finalize your escape route from the reception, and pack that go bag! Making sure it’s out of the way will free up some worry AND you guessed it.. making sure your wedding planner or day of coordinator gets your bags where they need to go is important.

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13.) Get Tips for Vendors in Order

Make sure your tips/payments are in marked envelops for each of your vendors. You don’t want to be stuck sorting these things out at the end of the night. This is another task for the wedding planner or day of coordinator.

14.) Double Check Seating Chart

Once you’ve confirmed any last-minute RSVPs and have given the final head count to your caterer, make sure you give the final seating chart one more look through. Seating charts can make or break the reception and getting it right is super important. Checking the seating chart is also a great time to send copies to your wedding planner or day-of coordinator and the photographer! Also, if you are serving plated dinners, ensuring that the caterers have copies of where people with dietary restrictions are seated!

15.) Rest!

15 Things To Do The Week Of Your Wedding

Last but not least try and get some sleep. I know it’s hard, but weddings tend to both the most rewarding and tiring experiences of one’s life. Get ahead of some of that exhaustion by catching up on some zzz’s.

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