Beach Weddings Part One: 8 Things to Consider -

Beach Weddings Part One: 8 Things to Consider

Beach Weddings Part One 8 Things to Consider

Beach Weddings Part One 8 Things to Consider

When it comes to destination weddings, there tends to be an endless number of venue options. You could choose to get married anywhere from one of the world’s highest mountains to a private underwater snorkeling ceremony. You have the opportunity for insane creativity! While the sky’s the limit when it comes to destination weddings, one of the more common venues is on a beach! The white sand and clear blue waters serve as the perfect decorations and can even double as a honeymoon destination spot! Before you go booking plan tickets and sending out save the dates, let’s talk about 8 things to consider before planning a beach wedding!

8 Things To Consider

1.) Accessibility – Guests

Beach Weddings Part One 8 Things to Consider

One of the biggest factors to consider when deciding if a beach wedding is the choice for you, is accessibility! Walking on sand can be pretty hard regardless of your physical ability. Think about the types of beaches you’ve visited in your lifetime. Sometimes there is a ton a soft hot sand that you have to trek through before getting to the cool damp stuff. Getting through those dry sand hills can be a bit of a workout and the cool damp sand may be an issue for any wheelchairs or walking sticks. Before getting too sold on the idea, do a very thorough scan of the potential guest list to see if there is anyone who may have difficulty getting to your wedding.

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2.) Accessibility- Vendors

Beach Weddings Part One 8 Things to Consider

This one is so important I had to break it into two posts. You not only want to make sure that guests can get to your venue safely and without too much difficulty, it’s important to make sure your vendors can do that same. Be sure to consider how far away from the main road is it, are you legally allowed to drive on the beach, etc? Any factor making it difficult for your vendors to get to your venue is something to consider upfront!

3.) “Can You Hear Me Now?”

Another thing to consider is will you need a sound system. No one likes going to a wedding where you can’t hear anything going on and being on a beach with crashing waves is definitely the place to be drowned out. Finding a mic set, speakers, and getting hooked up and connected on the day of the wedding is one more thing you may have to research and outsource which is an additional expense. That’s not to deter you, what you spend in this category you may very well save in another!

4.) Prepare for the Wind

Beach Weddings Part One 8 Things to Consider

Not every beach/destination you consider will have heavy winds or be kicking sand around but it’s important to prepare for that possibility at every beach. That means making sure that decorations are tied down and secure. As well as securing the alter and picking out high quality and heavy chairs. Better to prepare for bad winds and there be none, than to expect light winds and be left unprepared.

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5.) Permits

Just because you decide to get married on a public beach does not mean you are not required to have certain permits for getting married on that beach. These rules/laws will of course vary depending on where you are getting married, but it is another factor to consider looking into before making any final decisions. Once you’ve researched permit requirements for beach weddings according to the destination you want to travel to, think about how long that approval process may be and compare it to your tentative wedding date.

6.) Beach Attire

The beach is definitely not the place for ball gowns, and heavy beading. When considering a beach wedding remember that there is only one goal when it comes to your attire, the guest’s attire, and the west of the wedding party, and that’s staying cool. There are very few beaches and very few times of day/year where the weather at the beach is not hot and/or humid. If you were looking to wear a massive Cinderella style ball gown at your wedding, a destination beach location is not the option for you!

7.) Food

Beach Weddings Part One 8 Things to Consider

Though there are solutions to this, it’s important that you also consider food. There are two main questions to ask yourself: 1. How do we keep the small plate food items and any other food or drink offerings cool on the beach? And 2. What, if anything, can I serve on the beach? While simply having the reception somewhere else would solve these issues, they are important factors to think about in the event having a second location was not a part of the immediate plan.

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8.) Back-Up Plan

As with all outdoor weddings there should be a well thought out back-up plan in the event things go wrong. Knowing where the ceremony will be held if the floodgates open or if it is dangerously hot outside is key! This could be a lot of extra work to ensure that a second location knows to expect you if something happens, and being able to assign people to grab the decorations, etc. in the event of an emergency.


As always whichever location you choose to go for, being prepared and planning ahead is key and lucky for you we are here every step of the way!

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