The Perfect Getting Ready Tips and Timeline -

The Perfect Getting Ready Tips and Timeline

The Perfect Getting Ready Tips and Timeline

With all of the details that typically go into planning a wedding the actually “getting ready” the day of tends to take a backseat. Your mind is likely filled with thoughts about the caterers and decorations for the ceremony, and if they music is going to get your guests moving at the reception. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place! Here is a list of tips and the perfect timeline for getting ready on your wedding day!

Getting Ready Tips and Timeline

Hair and Make-Up

Getting Ready Tips and Timeline - Hair and Make up

The amount of time you should allot for hair and make-up all depends on the size of the wedding party. If you have a smaller bridal party of 3 to 4 bridesmaids, you may only need to start getting ready 4 to 5 hours in advance. For parties larger than that see if you can negotiate with your hairstylist and make-up artist to see they can bring an assistant or two to help move things along. Other things to consider when deciding what time to start getting ready are WHERE you are getting ready. If your bridal party is meeting at a salon 30 minutes away from the venue then you may want to plan about 90 minutes of travel time. Preparing for the worst and not needing the extra time is far better than not having it.

As far as the time blocks for hair and make-up, most of the time should be spent on the bride. Allot about 60-90 minutes for makeup for the bride’s hair and about the same time for your make-up. For the rest of the bridal party (or anyone else using the wedding’s hair stylist and make-up artist should only need about 30 to 45 minutes per person/per service.

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Pro Tip: If you are having a first look or are planning to have a little time to mingle with your friends you should add more time. You may also want to take more planned photos beyond the photographer just taking candid photos, you should add some time in for that as well!

Time to Snack

Getting Ready Tips and Timeline - Wedding Snack

Now is the perfect time to eat a pre-wedding snack or meal. It will be several hours before you get to eat again and that also goes for your entire bridal party. Consider bringing breakfast and coffee to your bride tribe to enjoy while getting ready. I’m sure it goes without saying but be sure to protect your dress at all cost!

Pro Tip: A fun photo is for all of the bridesmaids to take photos with their coffee cups once the photographer arrives! 

What to Wear

Getting Ready Tips and Timeline - Wedding Prepare

This is another one of those “it depends” type questions. If you have decided to get matching outfits or robes for your bridesmaids and yourself than we’d recommend you wearing that! You could also wear a button-down shirt and shorts all day. The key is to avoid your wedding dresses and avoid having to pull something over your head!

Pro Tip: To save money you can also just pick two or three colors that go with your color palette and ask your bridesmaids to pick nice looking items in that color scheme. That way you save a few dollars, but the group photos still look cohesive.

Those are the main schedule notes so let’s get into general tips for the morning of!

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5 Tips for Getting Ready

1.) Use the tips we mentioned about to create an ACTUAL timeline for the morning.

Getting Ready Tips and Timeline - Wedding Timeline

It will be so easy to set a plan and then to get distracted and start running behind. It is also helpful to put someone in charge of the schedule so you can be as present as possible.

2.) Schedule the photographers to show up approx. one to two hours before go-time.

Getting Ready Tips and Timeline - Wedding Photographer

When doing so be sure to have your dress hung-up and your jewelry, shoes, wedding invitation, etc. is in a place that the photographer can easily access it and take those photos before joining the group for candid photos and group shots.

3.) Have mimosas, bellinis, and shots of tequila but don’t HAVE too many

Getting Ready Tips and Timeline - Phone

Have a good time and maybe calm those nerves but too much alcohol (or coffee) could give you unwanted side effects like an upset stomach or a headache. Indulge a little but try to stick to water for most of the morning.

4.) Don’t forget your emergency kit

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

This kit should include fashion tape, mini sewing kit, tweezers, extra jewelry and earring backs. Tide to go pen, baby wipes, tampons, menstrual supplies, breath mints/gum, band aids, super glue, clear nail polish, lotion, lint roller, extra pair of contacts, etc.

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Not sure what else to pack? Be sure to check out article on preparing an Emergency Wedding Kit!

5.) Make a plan for your phone

Getting Ready Tips and Timeline - Phone

Unless you planned ahead (can someone say ‘my dress has pockets!”) you should have a person in place to give take care of your phone. Pick a responsible person who will remember to take it before you walk down the aisle but make sure it is on your person before you leave the reception. You likely won’t be on it during most of the day since most of the people you talk to are in the room with you! Be sure you don’t forget it!

We hope you enjoyed these few tips and we just know they will cause for a smooth start to the best day of your life!

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