Wedding Themes - 3 Reasons Why Your Wedding Needs One -

Wedding Themes – 3 Reasons Why Your Wedding Needs One

Wedding Themes - 3 Reasons Why Your Wedding Needs One

Wedding Theme

Wedding themes can turn an average wedding into a spectacular event. From simple to extravagant, wedding themes can make your wedding a soiree that your guests will remember for a long time.

A wedding theme is incorporated into all aspects of your wedding including invitations, reception decorations, favors and sometimes wedding attire. You can even plan your reception menu around a wedding theme.

Why should you choose a theme for your wedding?

Here are the top three reasons to choose a wedding theme:

1.) Themes set your wedding apart from others by letting you showcase your creativity.

2.) Weddings are more fun and exciting to plan when there is a theme involved.

3.) Theme weddings are more entertaining for guests, and they are sure to remember how much fun they had.

Once you decide to incorporate a theme into your wedding, the next step is choosing what type of theme to go with. Think about ideas for possible wedding themes. When you picture your wedding, what theme comes to mind?

Here are several possible wedding themes for you to use:

1.) Seasonal Wedding

Seasonal wedding themes, such as Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer, allow you to incorporate seasonal ideas into your wedding. For example, when you think of Fall leaves, pumpkins and apples come to mind.

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2.) Christmas Weddings

Christmas weddings get everyone into the holiday spirit, and you may even be able to take advantage of your reception location’s holiday decorations.


3.) Medieval Wedding

Medieval wedding themes offer you the opportunity dress in garb in addition to decorating your reception site. You can even choose to get married in a castle to make it more authentic.


4.) Beach Wedding

What better place to get married than on a beach? Beach wedding ideas are fun, laid-back and offer many different theme possibilities including seashells, pirates and lighthouses.


5.) Western Wedding

Western wedding themes are the perfect fit if you are into country music, cowboys or line dancing.


6.) Cinderella Wedding

Growing up you may have dreamed of a wedding like Cinderella or Snow White had. Now is your chance to have a Cinderella themed wedding as a grown up complete with a carriage to whisk you away at the end of your wedding.


7.) Masquerade Wedding

Masquerade weddings add mystery and intrigue to your wedding celebration. This theme is perfect in the fall, especially around Halloween.


8.) Sports Wedding

For the sports-minded bride and groom, consider incorporating a sport like golf or your favorite team into your wedding.

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Although a theme is not a requirement for a great wedding, there are a few very good reasons for having one. If you are creative, have the motivation and really want to wow your guests, consider incorporating a theme into your big day.

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