Wedding Hair Advice Every Bride Should Know -

Wedding Hair Advice Every Bride Should Know

Wedding Hair Advice Every Bride Should Know

Wedding Hair Advice Every Bride Should Know

Your wedding hair is almost as important as your dress. The gown may be the main attraction, but the hair really brings the whole look together. That’s why it’s crucial that you select a hairstyle that makes you look and feel your best. We’re here to help you say “I do” to your wedding hairdo! Follow these seven simple pieces of wedding hair advice for a beautiful bridal look.

1.) Keep your dress in mind.

Wedding Hair Advice Every Bride Should Know

The hair should complement your wedding gown not the other way around. Think about the neckline or silhouette of your dress and make sure your hairstyle fits with it. A high-neck gown tends to look great with an elegant updo. If you have a carefree, boho dress, loose waves or a messy bun will go perfectly. If your gown is strapless, wearing the hair down tends to be the prettiest method but pulling your tresses up can still work too, especially if you want to showcase a gorgeous necklace or a beautifully beaded bodice. And don’t forget about a half-up half-down style, which offers a lot of versatility and goes well with practically any silhouette and neckline. And don’t feel pressured to choose a style you’re not comfortable with just because it “fits” your gown’s neckline. If you don’t like how you look with your hair up, keep it down no matter the neckline.

2.) Don’t forget the wedding day climate and location.

Wedding Hair Advice Every Bride Should Know

Bear in mind the time of year of your big day. Summer weddings tend to be more humid, and if your hair is down, it could quickly become a frizz fest. Hairspray may help, but can oftentimes only do so much, especially if your hair is prone to frizzing out at the slightest hint of moisture in the air. Also, an outdoor ceremony or reception will leave your tresses more prone to the elements. Even if it won’t be humid, it could still be windy, which won’t bode well if your hairstyle of choice is supposed to be sleek.

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3.) Choose your stylist with care.

Wedding Hair Advice Every Bride Should Know

Don’t assume your regular hair stylist should also be the one in charge of your wedding day hair. Even if she or he is a pro at cutting or dying your mane, they may not be the right fit for a special wedding day ‘do. If you decide to go with a different stylist from your norm, don’t just look at pictures of their work. Read reviews by former clients to get info on their punctuality, skills, and cost. Doing trial runs will also help you with your choice, which brings us to our next tip…

4.) Always do a trial run.

Wedding Hair Advice Every Bride Should Know

A trial session with your hair stylist will give you the opportunity to know how your hair will look and move on your special day. Don’t schedule your trial too early though. The scheduling sweet spot is about four to six weeks prior to the wedding. This allows you plenty of time to get your wedding day style figured out. By this point, you’ve likely seen your finished dressed and picked out your shoes and jewelry. These details will make it easier to decide on an ideal hairstyle. Plus, scheduling the hair trial too early often results in the bride second-guessing her chosen style. Giving yourself too much time to overthink your decision can kill the mane magic.

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And when the hair trial day arrives, make sure you’re armed with plenty of photos. This will help the stylist get an idea of the vibe you’re going for and will allow him or her to make recommendations on how to make it even better.

5.) Consider an accessory.

Wedding Hair Advice Every Bride Should Know

A beautiful hair accessory is a great way to add some extra oomph to your bridal look. It can also enhance the overall style of your wedding dress. A sparkly barrette pairs nicely with a glamorous gown, while pearls go great with a classic one. Best of all, there are so many options to choose from. Flowers, headbands, pins, combs, or clips can be the perfect finishing touch to your wedding hair. If you decide to go with an accessory, bring it to your wedding hair trial so you can truly see how it will look and feel with your mane.

6.) Don’t make any big changes.

Wedding Hair Advice Every Bride Should Know

A few weeks before your wedding is not the time to make any drastic hair changes. It’s easy to feel inspired to do something big when you’re poring over Pinterest hair ideas, but a major cut or color change will likely lead to major regret. Instead, schedule a trim and color maintenance with your regular stylist two to three weeks before the big day. If you really have your heart set on a big hair makeover, do it at least a year before the wedding. This will give you enough time to get used to it, so can decide if you actually love it or not.

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7.) Don’t overthink it.

Wedding Hair Advice Every Bride Should Know

Try not to get caught up in the whirlwind of wedding hair inspiration and go with a style that feels true to you. An elaborate ‘do may seem like the right hairstyle choice for such a special day, but if you’re not comfortable with it, and it strays too far from your everyday style, your wedding look will feel off and inauthentic. The best wedding hair is often an unfussy, more glamorous version of the bride. Let your true self shine through!

Perfect Bridal Hair

A carefully chosen and executed wedding hair look will go a long way in enhancing your bridal beauty and complementing your dress. Just keep these seven pieces of advice in mind, and you’ll get the wedding day hair of your dreams.

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