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7 Reasons Why A Travel Agent Should Plan Your Honeymoon

Why A Travel Agent Should Plan Your Honeymoon

Why A Travel Agent Should Plan Your Honeymoon

Imagine being in at a beautiful destination with your significant other drinking Mai Tais and soaking in the sun. Or perhaps your dream location is at a quaint French café in Paris. Wherever you imagine yourself spending your honeymoon it might be worth it to consider hiring a travel agent to help plan your first trip as newlyweds. Let’s talk about some reasons why you should hire a travel agent to plan your honeymoon.

Why A Travel Agent Should Plan Your Honeymoon

Honeymoon Travel Agents

Travel agents aren’t just great for booking your flights and transportation, they often know about the best deals and best destination. They are also experts in keeping you safe and providing on-call customer care in the event you find yourself in a sticky situation in a country you aren’t familiar with. Since, this trip is typically more extravagant (aka more expensive) it’s best to trust a travel agent.

Reason #1: COVID is Complicated

Let’s face it, trying to plan a honeymoon during a pandemic can get a little confusing and complicated. You might not know which destinations require which tests. Or even where to get COVID testing done when out of the US. Times have truly changed making domestic travel a lot more popular than international travel.  Even though this article is about hiring a travel agent to plan your honeymoon a pro tip for those who want to plan themselves is to do extensive research and monitor government websites before and during your trip.

Why A Travel Agent Should Plan Your Honeymoon

Reason #2: Time is Money

A big part of wedding planning is hiring vendors and outsourcing different parts of the day. From hiring a photographer, make-up artist, and caterers, hiring a travel agent is one more place where you can invest your money and save time. Your wedding is such a big event to plan it may be worth it to delegate what you can to other people and focus on the details that you want to be very specific.

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Reason #3: Deals and Discounts

Here’s the thing about travel agents, they support you through the process and they get you great deals. Travel agents typically function under an agency that has a reputation around the world and that business matters to the hotel chain, excursion groups, etc. While you can find great deals on different discount/bundle websites you miss the security and the guarantee that if you get to your destination and your hotel can’t find your reservation you have someone with the baking of an agency to come to your rescue. Websites like Expedia or Travelocity don’t offer the same.

Booking with a travel agent also comes with a lot of perks because, as previously mentioned these agents have built up relationships with the places they are referring and/or they have a well-groomed network that can refer based on their own experiences. If you are hoping to have rose petals and candles around the room on your arrival, a travel agent will be the one to do all of the behind the scenes work to get your special night to be perfect.

Why A Travel Agent Should Plan Your Honeymoon

Reason #4: You Can Probably Afford Them

The great thing about travel agents is there is almost certainly one for you. Agents often charge different rates. While one agent may charge an initial research fee and charge for certain services, others may receive compensation on the backend and not have those fees. You have to find the travel agent that has the budget and the breakdown that works best for you and your significant other. You want to make sure you understand the charges and fees before hiring anyone, but especially a travel agent. Whatever you do and whoever you hire it’s important to be respectful with your agent’s time as you expect them to be respectful of yours.

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Reason #5: They Can Find the Perfect Destination

Maybe you have decision fatigue from planning your wedding and you are unsure of where to go, what to do, or what all is out there. Travel agents are perfect for helping you navigate this area as well. The best travel agents are well traveled and will be able to personally recommend the best spots based on their recommendations or the recommendations of their clients. Trying to research on your own can be exhausting and overwhelming and very difficult to know if that 5-star resort is REALLY 5-star. Having a good travel agent is so helpful because you can clearly communicate your wants and needs.

Why A Travel Agent Should Plan Your Honeymoon

Reason #6: You Can’t Believe Everything on the Internet

Again, the internet is a tricky place to navigate and in the midst of planning a big wedding it can be difficult to remember to read the fine print and ensure that what you see is really what you get. Nothing is worse than planning the perfect getaway and getting to your all-inclusive resort and realizing that it’s really not all that inclusive. A great agent can put you in contact with the best local attractions, tour guides, etc. all work that you can avoid having to do.

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Reason 7: You Deserve the Trip of Your Life

Can you plan your honeymoon and end up having a great and relaxing time? Of course, you can. I believe in you BUT should you have to? The trip customization that you could have access to is an undeniable advantage that you deserve to have. Your honeymoon is designed to be a time of celebration not stress-induced because the details you planned up until the day you return home aren’t perfect. Take a load off and let someone else take care of you and your significant other. You’re worth it!


I hope this article pointed out some of the best reasons why you should hire a travel agent to plan your honeymoon. From having someone who can tailor a trip to your needs, support you if things deviate from the plan, watch out for scams, and help you relax your way into and through paradise, travel agents are the way to go. Whatever you decide remember that the chaos and joy that comes from wedding planning and celebrating the day of should not follow you to your dream destination, only love and relaxation and separation from the outside world.

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